Alan Turing Google Doodle

While researching the first computers, you will have come across the name Alan Turing. He was one of the most important computer scientists ever and helped us to win WWII by breaking the Nazis’ Enigma codes. He committed suicide in 1954. This year is the 100th anniversary of his birth and it is being celebrated as “Alan Turing Year”.

On his birthday in July, there was a Google doodle based on his concept of the “Turing machine”. Click on the image and see if you can solve the puzzles! You have to make the number on the tape match the number in the top right of the window. In solving this puzzle, you are basically writing simple computer programs.

If you get that done and would like to find out more about Alan Turing, here are some useful links.

Here’s the wikipedia entry on Turing.
There is also some good information on the Bletchley Park website and the Alan Turing website.



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