Monday 9th July


Today, I’d like you to do some research into the life of Alan Turing. Last week, in preparation for this, we had a look at the Google Doodle based on a Turing machine and explored some simple cryptography.

A good place to start is the wikipedia entry on Turing.
There is also some good information on the Bletchley Park website and the Alan Turing website.

Have a read and answer the questions on the sheet.



I thought you might like to be able to chat online to each other in this lesson. Have you used swiftirc before? Click the link, pick a nickname and put #9b2 in the “Channel” box. Simples.



Scratch / Bubble Sort

If you complete that, there are a couple of programming exercises you can work on.

The easiest is to learn about Bubble Sort and try out this Scratch version. This will show you one way that computers sort lists of numbers.



Python and Pygame

If you’d prefer to do some Python, here’s a file to download. It’s a very simple starting point for a game. You’ll also need this sound file to be saved in the same folder as the code.

If you look at the code, you’ll see how easy it is to use sound in Python and make keys do things (in this one, we use the arrow keys to move the ball). I’d like you to experiment with modifying this game – for instance you could add some different sounds and make some keys do other things (can you make a key play the sound, for instance).

If you are experimenting with this, you might find the Pygame homepage useful.


Programming Competition
The Raspberry Pi foundation has announced the first of their programming competitions. They especially like games. I wonder if any of you will enter?

happy hacking,






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