I’m gonna do an internet …


I thought today we’d have a look at some HTML and how to make simple web-pages!

HTML (or Hypertext Markup Language) was created by Tim Berners-Lee, the scientist who created the World Wide Web. The first version of HTML was published in June 1993.

I’m sure many of you will have made websites before, but it’s likely that you will have used a web-design package like “FrontPage” or “Dreamweaver” that allows you to build pages without actually typing in the HTML tags.

First, I’d like you to go to this page and have a look at an extremely simple web-page.

I’ll explain here as well, just in case things go wrong :).

Open “Notepad” (we don’t want to use a Word-processor as that will add formatting and mess up our HTML).

Save it as “index.html”.

Type the following in your new document:


For some reason the school computers don’t let you view the source of web-pages. I am going to make a sheet with some of the simple html tags I used on the two web-pages you can see here.

If you get finished, I’d like you to do some research into Google’s Summer of Code. Maybe this is something you’d like to do, when you are a bit older (it’s for over-18s).



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  1. sat thu hao hoa…

    […]I’m gonna do an internet … « 100mudcats[…]…

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