My Perfect Weekend

My idea of a perfect weekend would have to be one just before a holiday. Maybe just before the Easter break. I’d be able to just relax and not do any school work, because I’d know I’d have plenty of time to get stuff done later.

I am an early riser, so I’d probably be up just before my alarm beeps at 6am. I’d leave Helen sleeping and quickly get dressed and go downstairs. Barley, my big, friendly, labradoodle, would hear me getting up. As I came down the stairs, he’d just have got off the sofa and he’d be doing a lovely big stretch on the rug in front of the fire-place. He’d come and push his nose into my hand as I walked into the kitchen: breakfast time. I’d stick the kettle on and measure him out some kibble. Strings of saliva hang down from either side of his mouth like icicles as he waits for me to put his bowl down for him.

Here’s a picture of Barley:

While he’s eating, I’d have a cup of tea and switch my laptop on. I’d check my mail, and go on a few of my favourite sites. At the moment I am very excited because there’s a new computer coming out. It’s called the Raspberry Pi. It looks very unusual: just a circuit board really. But it’s very cheap and designed to run Linux and help young people to learn how to do programming. Maybe I’d have an email saying my Pi had been despatched – that it would be arriving that day by courier. Wow! That would make me very excited. I’d probably go straight upstairs and find the bag in which I’ve assembled some of the things I’ve bought to use with my new machine: a keyboard, a mouse, a 32 gig SD card, a power-supply and an HDMI cable.

I’d put everything handy and take Barley out for a walk. It would still be early, so there’d be no hurry. We’d go for our usual circuit around the lanes. Barley loves to sniff everything along the way and I’d be in such a good mood, I wouldn’t mind him checking out all the places where other dogs have urinated. He’d cock his leg to add his scent to the mix. It would be a cool, sunny morning and I’d enjoy the fresh air and seeing some animals on my walk. There are horses and cows in the fields near where I live – and if I was really lucky I might even see a fox.

When I get home, Jack (my son) is usually up. He’s a pretty early riser too. I’d put some toast on for him and take him a drink. He’d be in the living room, on his laptop, probably playing Roblox. I’d tell him that the Raspberry Pi was on it’s way and we’d talk about the thinigs we’d like to do with it – maybe build a robot or something. When I heard the toast pop up, I’d go back to the kitchen and get his breakfast ready. Yes, that would be how my perfect weekend would start!


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