Extension and Homework

If you finish the second draft of your “Perfect Weekend”, here are some activities I would like you to try.

1: Typing Skills

We spend a lot of time working at the keyboard, but not many of us can type properly. Follow this link to a series of good on-line typing lessons. Have a go – see if you are faster and more accurate than your friends.

Typing Lessons

2. Research Skills

Many of us rely on wikipedia – and it is a really great resource. However, it does have its limitations and is sometimes inaccurate. Follow the link to explore the Encyclopedia Britannica. You might need to enter a library card number – you can use mine: m010915176.

Britannica Online

I’d like you to read the article on “Autobiography” and write your own summary of what you have learned about this form of writing. Your summary should be in a Word document that you can mail to me. You must not cut and paste huge chunks from the article (I’ll know).

3. Homework

You might remember that, before Christmas, we all tried to set up blogs but ran into some problems. For your homework, I would like you to set up a WordPress blog, using these instructions.

Write the address of this site (https://100mudcats.wordpress.com) in your planner, so that you can find it again quickly. Although if you google: “100mudcats wordpress” that will work too.

Here are the easy-to-use instructions:

Sign up for a blog.

1)Go to https://en.wordpress.com/signup/.
2)Fill in the form with a blog address/name, username, password and email address.
3)Use your usual email account.
4)Get the activation email and activate your blog.
5)Go to “Dashboard” and then “Pages”. Edit the “About” page to say something about yourself.
6)Go to “All Posts” and delete the “Hello World” post (this gets put on automatically).
7)Now write your first post.

Next, email the url of your blog to me: mark.tranter@winsfordacademy.org.uk.
You can also email the link to your friends  – it would be nice if they read and commented on your post.

That’s it!

I’d like you to put your “My Perfect Weekend” piece onto your blog. This should mean that we can use these blogs at school, which will be lots of fun!



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