We have been working on autobiographical writing.

Hopefully, you already have a first draft of “My Perfect Weekend”, which I have marked. You may also have worked on the questionnaire section that usually comes at the end of these articles.

Today I would like you to work on extending and improving that first draft.


Type up your work so far, tidying up any errors. Do this in a Word document.

Now see if you can add detail to your piece. Remember, the examples we looked at used the format of the article to tell us lots about the lives of the subjects – their families, their aspirations and values.


Add the questionnaire section and think about adding a couple more interesting questions.

When you finish, you can either print the piece out or email it to me (

Also please email it to yourself, you’ll see why later.

If finished …

Look at the activities on the other page (“Extension work and Homework”).



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